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What We Do

EZLearn University, a certified WBENC enterprise, is a single-source solution for your company’s learning needs, whether online, in the classroom or a blended environment. Our specialties include:

Compliance Training

Custom eLearning Development

Coaching and Workshops

Our Courses

EZLearn University offers a suite of readily available online learning programs, from workplace harassment prevention training, diversity training and HR compliance offerings, to online assessments and online reinforcement tools. We have partnered with top quality Subject Matter Experts to produce excellent offerings. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with no obligation demos and match your goals and needs to the perfect offering for your organization.

Compliant with FMCSA 49 CFR Part 382.603 regulations, EZLearn University utilized the proven content from KELMAR SAFETY INC. to create a dynamic e-learning course. Give your supervisors the tool they need to appropriately determine reasonable suspicion and how to handle this vital issue.

With a generous dose of creativity and animated scenarios, participants are challenged to consider the impact of their words, behaviors and relationships. The Supervisor course contains two parts (Core Content and Leadership Series) and meets California (AB 1825 / AB 2053 / SB396), Connecticut, and Maine requirements.

Workplace Diversity: The Team Advantage seeks to improve the ability of your workforce to engage and interact effectively with co-workers who are different than themselves and to learn the characteristics and value of High Performing Teams. It includes 12 modules that are each 5-10 minutes long.

For organizations not guided by the law, we will provide the basic underlying principles of understanding drug and alcohol abuse so that supervisors can better understand the dynamics of drug and alcohol abuse and begin implementing or expanding policies for providing a “Drug Free Workplace.”

The non-supervisor course is a shorter version of the supervisor course and contains all of its core content. The shortened length does not meet California AB 1825 but does comply with AB 2053 and SB396. The non-supervisor course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

This course utilizes the same content as found in our Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct: Supervisor Version. Rather than utilizing animated characters, actors portray the different scenarios. Like Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct, it is also AB 1825 and AB 2053 compliant.

Implicit bias is a universal phenomenon that occurs for any type of difference that we encounter when interacting with others. It refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. This powerful online course will not only explore research on bias, it will also help you better understand how biases influence your workplace – and how you can begin to change them.

"If learning is an act of exploration, then technology equips the explorer for the journey of a lifetime."

~ Anonymous

About Us

An entrepreneur can be described as "a person who organizes and manages any business enterprise with considerable initiative"...or you could just say "Patti Massey."

For 20 years, Patti has turned innovative and creative ideas into successful business ventures. In fact, her business career really started with a lemonade stand at age eight. By nine, she was engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of potholders.

Now she is President of the MYCA Group of companies with activities as diverse as managing the repair and maintenance of fork-lift truck fleets, to providing online training curriculum to the City of Los Angeles. All bridged by Patti's ability to visualize effective use of technology.

On the forefront of developing eLearning delivery and measurement techniques in a variety of market segments, the team at EZLearn University embodies the unique ability to both envision innovative approaches to training delivery and retention, as well as the skills for implementation. Using a proprietary learning continuum process, Patti’s team has created dozens of successful learning products.